At age 33, a mother, a professional and possessing 2 degrees, I felt it was time to stop letting my actions and words misrepresent who I’ve worked so hard to become. I thought of getting my certificate to teach anger management, that is when I met Dr. Steve Wolf. In the first conversation we had, he asked, “do I have any anger issues and am I aware of any signs my body lets off when I am getting upset?” I said, Yes to the first question and no to the other. He then said “I am going to be your coach, before you can teach you must apply these methods to yourself and feel the intense process of how it works.” I have been a student of the Taming Your Anger classes for several months and my expectations projected far less than what I have experienced. Dr. Steve has used techniques that, having practiced, have become a part of my way of handling my own anger and will become a part of those whom I will teach one day.
– Juanita