Anger Management Classes & Emotional Intelligence

Taming Your Anger will inform you, educate you, guide you and coach you to successfully learn to Tame Your Anger. You can think of Taming Your Anger as a river boat. We provide the boat, the oars and the maps. Once you step on board, the river will take you to your destination, but you’ll have to do your own rowing!When I informed the Director of the National Anger Management Association that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, he reacted by saying “very interesting, nobody else does that.”

You might ask, “How can we afford to offer a money back guarantee?” The answer is simple. The “Taming Your Anger Method” has been taught to hundreds of people. We know that it works, when you do it. Like traveling up that river, if you row long enough, the river will take you to your destination. By doing these exercises, your brain will learn to respond differently to anger and you will change your behavior and improve your life.

The Taming Your Anger Program was originally developed for extremely angry and violent men on parole. It was then taught to inmates in L.A’s Women’s Prison and Juveniles on Probation who wanted to learn to better control themselves to avoid further incarceration. It has since been taught privately, to groups of veterans and as curriculum in a Los Angeles Continuation High School to inner city youth.